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May 19th 2017 is International Clinical Trials Day and IPPOSI would like you to be aware of several events taking place in Ireland to celebrate the event. Perhaps you will be able to attend one of these events and support the drive to make the public more conscious and supportive of clinical trials in Ireland and around the world.

Clinical trials play a vital role in the development of new treatments, medicines, devices and procedures in health. According to a 2009 IPPOSI report, 77% of people in Ireland agree that with the aim of developing new ways to treat many diseases is a good idea. 65% of Irish people would be willing to share personal medical information for medical research if it is done in a confidential manner. You can see the full report – and IPPOSI’s other work in the area of clinical research on our website here. Be sure to check out too, which IPPOSI developed with the National Children’s Research Centre (NCRC).


  • May 15th – HRB-CRCI Seminar at the Mansion House (Round Room) 10am-3pm (lunch at 1.30pm)
  • May 19th – Cancer Trials Ireland launch ‘Just Ask Your Doctor’ public information campaign – Mansion House (Oak Room), 11am
  • May 19th – Rotunda Hospital: ‘Cakes, Coffee and Clinical Trials!’ – 10am-12pm

In Cork, the Clinical Research Facility has flagged a number of events ongoing:

  • 16th May – Oncology Clinical Trials Unit to host ‘Cork University Hospital 1st Cancer Clinical Trials Education Day’, main auditorium CUH
  • 17th May – Information Stand for Patients, Hospital Staff, researchers and the general public in Cork University Hospital 12:00pm-15:00pm
  • 18th May – Mercy University Hospital Information stand 10:00am-12:00pm on link bridge.
  • 26th May – Dr. Darren Dahly, Principal Statistician for the HRB Clinical Research Facility in Cork, and a Senior Lecturer in Research Methods at UCC: Statistics for Citizen Scientists event titled ‘Why do we randomize?’


International Clinical Trials Day is held every year in May in recognition of the start of the first ever clinical trial conducted by Dr James Lind on May 20th, 1747. Dr Lind’s trial, which took place aboard a Royal Navy boat, led to the development of his theory that citrus fruits cured scurvy. Go here for more.

19 May 2017

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