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The Webinar on Monday 26th June (2-3pm). You must be registered to attend – go here to register. A recording of the webinar will be made available shortly afterward, on this page.

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The call for applications to the IPPOSI-led Patient Education Programme in Health Innovation is now open. This 6-month blended-learning education programme, the first of its kind in Ireland, is being piloted from Sept 2017 to March 2018, on a number of IPPOSI-relevant topics (see below).


The pilot programme is being led by IPPOSI, in partnership with a number of education partners, and will cover the following topics:

  • Understanding Clinical Trials – delivered by the University College Dublin Clinical Research Centre
  • Regulatory Affairs, Medicinal Product Safety, Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacoepidemiology – delivered by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA)
  • Health Technology Assessment principles and practices – delivered by the Dept. of Medicine & Therapeutics, Trinity College Dublin, in association with the National Centre for Pharmacoeconomics (NCPE)

All of the information you need to complete the application – including a Guide for Applicants, and a link to the online application form – are available on the IPPOSI website. The closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday, June 30th 2017.

Please note: 
20 places are available on the pilot programme. Applications will be accepted from:
  • Employees/volunteers of patient organisations in the Republic of Ireland
  • Patients with a chronic and/or lifelong illness/condition who is not affiliated with a patient organisation and who participates or intends to participate in projects / activities / committees etc. to represent his/her personal experience as a patient and/or the perspective of an informal group of patients
  • Family member / carer (not affiliated with a patient organisation) of a patient with a chronic and/or lifelong illness/condition who participates or intends to participate in projects / activities / committees/etc. to represent patients.

Please examine all of the supporting documents on the IPPOSI website before making your application to ensure eligibility, and a thorough understanding of the commitments involved.

On June 26th 2017 IPPOSI will host a Webinar to answer questions about the application process and the course itself, where possible.

30 June 2017

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