IPPOSI & Health Innovation Week – Oct 23-27th, 2017

//IPPOSI & Health Innovation Week – Oct 23-27th, 2017

IPPOSI is playing a major role as part of a number of upcoming events in Dublin City Centre as part of Health Innovation Week (#EH2030) – Oct. 20th to 25th, 2017.

We encourage all our members to come, participate, get involved in any of the events listed here. Register here by clicking on the appropriate event. IPPOSI is specifically involved in the following:

eHealth Innovation Showcase – October 23rd: IPPOSI will chair a patients panel in Dublin Castle as part of the Health Innovation Showcase, which aims to demonstrate progress made towards the creation of a digital fabric that is transforming the Irish healthcare system. This event is open to the public. Register here.

HIMSS Executive Leadership Summit – October 24th: IPPOSI’s Derick Mitchell is speaking at this event in the Mansion House, Dublin which focuses on identifying and implementing solutions that have the potential to transform patient care. More information here.

eHealth Ireland Ecosystem – October 25th: The ehealth Ecosystem will meet from 1-5pm in the Raddison Blu Hotel, Golden Lane. Here stakeholders will consider the existing projects in Ireland that empower patients to manage their own healthcare, and to highlight the ways that patients should be involved in the innovation process. IPPOSI will facilitate a number of discussions on a framework of engagement for patients in the Irish health information system. More information about that here. You can register here.

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