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IPPOSI is looking forward to playing a part in this year’s SCI:COM conference.

SCI:COM is a 2-day conference for anyone that communicates science, medicine, technology or engineering to any audience.  This includes researchers, doctors, nurses, communications professionals, reps, outreach and engagement officers, education officers and others. The conference welcomes delegates from across academia, research, NGOs, civic & civil society organisations, third sector and government agencies.

This year’s theme is around Collaboration and Involvement.  SCI:COM 2017 aims to:

  • Help attendees understand how best to involve the public in design, delivery and outcomes of research, a major focus of many national and international funding bodies including Science Foundation Ireland and Horizon 2020.
  • Enable patients, citizen scientists, advisors and co-designers to talk about their experiences of being involved and engaged in research.
  • Examine cross-discipline collaboration and how best to ensure that industry and academia get the best from each other.


  • How to involve the public, patients or stakeholders in your research. (IPPOSI, The Zooniverse)
  • What a good outcome of involvement looks like. (TCD, UL)
  • How to listen to your audience as well as how to engage with them (BBC, OWN THE ROOM).
  • How to co-design within a community (EPA)
  • What the arts can bring to communication of research (IRC, NCAD)


  • The public face of research in Ireland
  • Future collaborators
  • Experts in collaboration and involvement
  • Researchers and Event organisers looking to engage more with the public
  • Talented communicators looking for a new challenge.
7 December 2017

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