IPPOSI at European Congress on Personalised Medicine 2017

//IPPOSI at European Congress on Personalised Medicine 2017

IPPOSI is very pleased to be taking part in EAPM 2017, which kicks off on Monday next (November 27th) in Belfast.

IPPOSI CEO Derick Mitchell will be speaking next Wednesday afternoon in the ‘Personalised Medicine and Public Health: Two Sides of the Same Coin?’ session, and those attending the 4-day conference can also visit the IPPOSI stand in the exhibition centre (we’re at stand #4 – see the map here).

There are a number of IPPOSI Science members presenting at the meeting, you will find the full programme on the EAPM website here.

The conference, which is an EU Presidency event, has four stated agendas:

  1. Patient Agenda
  2. Regulation Agenda
  3. Education Agenda
  4. Research & Development Agenda

With respect to the Patient Agenda, the organisers contend (and IPPOSI agrees) that modern-day patients are better informed than ever before and demand to share in co-decision-making about issues affecting their treatments, and are in favour of being able to share their own private health data (under strict ethical and privacy provisions) for the benefit of fellow patients and future generations.

More generally, this digital booklet outlines the goals of the conference, and of the EAPM up to 2025.

About EAPM

EAPM brings together European healthcare experts, patient advocates involved with chronic diseases, industry, researchers, academics and cross-party Members of the European Parliament (among others). Its aim is to improve patient care by accelerating the development, delivery and uptake of personalised medicine and diagnostics, through consensus building.

The Alliance’s stakeholders focus, not just on the delivery of the right treatment for the right patient at the right time, but also on the right preventative measures to ensure reliable and sustainable healthcare.

In response to the need for a wider understanding of the priorities arising from growing discussion on personalised medicine, EAPM was launched in March 2012 to foster a more integrated approach to the topic among lay and professional stakeholders.

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