Drug Iceberg 2.0 Report Published

//Drug Iceberg 2.0 Report Published

IPPOSI is pleased to announce the publication of the second “Drug Iceberg” report. Delivered in partnership with the Medical Research Charities Group (MRCG), the report is a February 2018 update on the first report, containing:

  • Key recommendations – including a call for the development and implementation of a new national strategy on access to medicines.
  • A list of relevant developments that have occurred since the publication of the first ‘Drug Iceberg’ report (August 2017).
  • The summarised discussion points of a multi-stakeholder Round Table meeting in October 2017.
  • Four international case studies examining Access to Medicines in other jurisdictions.
  • A list of achievable target outcomes for 2018 as part of IPPOSI and MRCG actions.
Click here to download the Drug Iceberg 2.0 Report

The publication of Drug Iceberg 2.0 is the first output of IPPOSI’s Annual Theme for 2018: Taking Action on Access to Medicines. A dedicated section of the IPPOSI website includes a theme mission statement, seven target actions for the year, a members survey to guide our work in this key area, as well as and the principles we will adhere to in undertaking our work.

Go here for ‘IPPOSI Theme 2018: Taking Action on Access’
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