Access to health innovations such as new medicines, technologies, devices, processes, is a key area of focus for IPPOSI. Since 2008 IPPOSI has led the debate in this area, highlighting a number of key challenges and proposing possible solutions through a number of initiatives:

IPPOSI has developed and maintained strong working relationships with a number of national and international stakeholders and state agencies in the area of Health Technology Assessments (HTA) in Ireland. More information on specific IPPOSI actions in HTAs are available here.
In 2012 IPPOSI held a round-table meeting entitled “Access to Innovation” in response to issues raised by IPPOSI members on access to new treatments (drugs and technologies). The outcome report (pictured on the left) is available here.
In 2008 IPPOSI hosted a major conference entitled ‘Access to Medicines and New Medical Technologies in the Era of Health Technology Assessment in Ireland’. The conference compared the Irish and European HTA contexts and brought together world class speakers from Ireland and the UK. The outcome report for this event is available here.