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“As a researcher, it is a very welcome change to encounter a new generation of patients who can collaborate in health research as partners. IPPOSI’s focus on clinical research has made a significant contribution to this exciting change, and it will be a leader in Patient Involvement for years to come.”
Prof Orla Hardiman, Trinity College Dublin
“IPPOSI is a key player in ‘Patient and Public Involvement’ in Irish Health Research. Through its leadership role in Irish and European initiatives, IPPOSI is at the forefront of preparing patients for a partnership role in research while also working to create such partnership opportunities.”
Health Research Board
“IPPOSI does what most patient organisations cannot afford to do – it focuses on the issues that matter to all patients, irrespective of their health issue – rare or common.”
Averil Power, Irish Cancer Society
“IPPOSI has been a wonderful partner for the patient community at large, and for the rare disease community in particular. As a member of the Rare Disease Task Force, the Steering Group for the Rare Disease Plan, a co-author of the National Plan for Rare Diseases, and now as a member of the Implementation Committee, IPPOSI continues to fight for small groups and individuals who might otherwise not be heard.”
Philip Watt, Cystic Fibrosis Ireland
“It’s the critical voice of patients for health innovation. Since its beginning IPPOSI has strived to improve patient access to treatments, trials and decision-makers.”
Avril Daly, Retina International
“IPPOSI has made significant contributions towards the development of Irish health policy by harnessing a coherent voice that speaks for patients on a range of policy and innovation issues.”
Jim Breslin, former Secretary General, Department of Health

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