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The Centre for Applied Research for Connected Health (ARCH – is seeking three IPPOSI patient members to take part in a patient-centred design workshop that will pair patients and ARCH industry members with the goal of educating Connected Health industry representatives on the patient perspective. The event will be similar in format to the ENJECT event which took place in December 2015, with industry representatives taking the place of researchers on this occasion.

Engaging effectively with patients at an early stage is a crucial step in designing health solutions that address patient needs. However, learning from patient experiences and translating insights into tangible outcomes can be challenging for product developers. This workshop will encourage industry representatives to step into the shoes of patients by equipping them with the most appropriate research methods and approaches for gathering actionable insights from patients.

The first half of the workshop will bring attendees on a journey through the fields of anthropology, ethnography, and design. The second half of the workshop will provide attendees with a practical opportunity to engage with each other and apply the methodologies learned from the earlier session. Interested patients can attend the workshop in its entirety, and then tables will be formed to generate ‘patient journey maps’ based on each individual patient contributor. ARCH will then follow-up with the patient contributors in the weeks following the event.

If you are interested in availing of one of the three patient contributor places, please send us an email at and put ‘ARCH’ in the subject of the email. Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

This event is free for ARCH Industry Members, some of whom are IPPOSI Industry members. A registration fee of €199 is required for non-ARCH industry members. Non-ARCH members should contact to register and event fee/payment details will be sent to you directly. For more information about the event on the ARCH website, go here, or you can go here for a blogpost by EUPATI Fellow, Rachel Lynch.


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