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IPPOSI wishes to thank everyone who took part in the application process to the IPPOSI Patient Education Programme pilot. We received almost 40 applications, which our independent panel of six reviewers examined in depth.

Congratulations to the 21 candidates who were shortlisted to participate in the 2017 pilot programme which kicks off in September 2017. The successful applicants are: 

  • John Acton, Dublin

  • Caroline Carswell, Dublin

  • Wendy Costello, Tipperary

  • Kay Curtin, Tipperary

  • Richard Dalton, Dublin

  • Mandy Daly, Wicklow

  • Kathryn Daniel, Dublin

  • Aishling Deegan, Dublin

  • Sheila Fitzgerald, Kerry

  • Susanne Grampe, Dublin

  • Stacey Grealis, Mayo

  • Ursula Hakman, Dublin

  • Marion Anne McAuliffe, Cork

  • Sarah McLoughlin, Dublin

  • Marian O’Mahony, Cork

  • Melissa Redmond, Meath

  • Patricia Ryan, Galway

  • Sven Schubert, Meath

  • Stephanie Skeffington, Tipperary

  • Rosario Walsh, Tipperary

  • Jane Whelan, Dublin

It is our hope that a broader, fuller Patient Education Programme will successfully emerge from this year’s ‘pilot’ and we would urge applicants who were unsuccessful this year to consider re-applying to the future programme.

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