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IPPOSI is delighted to announce that the Patient Narratives Project, which was led by IPPOSI in Phase 1, has entered its second phase.

You can review the outputs of Phase 1 here in a purpose-built section of the IPPOSI website.

Phase 2 entitled ‘Your Voice Matters; stories to build a better health service‘, led by the Health Service Executive (HSE), takes the 19 patient statements from Phase 1 and inputs them into a novel survey format (see below).

The objective is to develop a standard process of engagement with service users that will allow a higher volume of their narratives and experiences to be heard and used to benchmark, guide and develop health services. This process will allow patients to tell the HSE how they are doing in the journey towards person-centred coordinated care – a framework that asks, “Are we there yet?”

A pilot ‘Your Voice Matters‘ survey is running during September and October 2017 and aims to collect 1000 patient stories (forty patient stories per county in Ireland) nationally from people with varying health needs.

IPPOSI, as a member of the Steering group for Phase 2, is therefore asking for our member’s help to collect peoples’ experiences of health services when they have had to use one or more health service at one time or over time.

This is a golden opportunity to make patient voices heard within the Irish health service, and we would urge you to ask your members and networks to engage with ‘Your Voice Matters’ and complete the survey.

How this survey is different

The Your Voice Matters survey has 12 questions and take roughly 15 minutes to complete. It begins by asking for a description of a recent (6 months) experience of health services in Ireland. Thereafter, participants answer questions by positioning a marker appropriately between three points of a triangle. Here is an example:

This style of the online survey has been used successfully in Northern Ireland with all health service users and the HSE has learnt how best to support people of all ages and backgrounds to engage with the survey. The HSE is willing to support IPPOSI member organisations in the promotion of, and engagement with, Your Voice Matters and it will follow up with IPPOSI member organisations in the coming days.

What happens after the survey is completed?    

The survey closes on October 30th 2017. Thereafter, the preliminary data from the survey will be made available on the HSE and IPPOSI websites.

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