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With negotiations re-starting between the Government and IPHA for a new agreement in relation to the reimbursement of new medicines, IPPOSI have outlined recommendations to ensure that the patient’s voice is included in these negotiations.

These recommendations have been developed by IPPOSI in consultation with a number of our patient-led boards and committees, as well as from the summary of our September 2020 digital discussion on the challenge of ensuring sustainable access to medicines.

IPPOSI continues to actively call for greater patient involvement in, and access to, innovative medicines for Irish patients. We particularly encourage the Government and IPHA to include all perspectives, especially the patient’s perspective, early on in the negotiation process to ensure an acceptable agreement for all.

Highlights of our recommendations include:


  • The State should be informed and mindful of the patient perspective in any discussions or negotiations with IPHA around access to medicines and become familiar with the recommendations outlined in the Charter for Patient Involvement in Medicines Assessment and Reimbursement.
  • The State should develop a National Medicines Strategy to outline how medicines will be sustainably funded and stay accessible to Irish patients.
  • The State should put in place the digital infrastructure to capture data on health outcomes.
  • The State should consider evidence provided by patients into the assessment and reimbursement process.
  • The State should invite patient representatives to join the governing bodies of the to-be-established National Medicines Agency.


  • IPHA should explore all possibilities for reaching a fair and realistic agreement with the State to implement the patients’ recommendations.
  • IPHA should discourage their members from employing the unethical marketing approach of preferentially launching new medicines in higher-income countries first.
  • IPHA should discourage their members from withdrawing medicines from the Irish market purely for commercial reasons.
  • IPHA should encourage their members to guarantee that patients participating in compassionate use programmes and successful clinical trials have access to medicine for the duration of their lifetime or condition, even when a medicine has been denied approval for reimbursement by the State.
  • Both the State and Industry should prepare public information material outlining the specific benefits for each stakeholder as a result of the new agreement.

To view the entire document on IPPOSI’s perspective on access to innovative medicines for patients in Ireland, click here or on the link below:


27 September 2021

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