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In the third and final episode of our podcast series, Digital Health: Putting People First, IPPOSI CEO Derick Mitchell interviewed Prof Colin Doherty, Consultant Neurologist and Director of the Epilepsy Service at St James’s Hospital. They talked about what we can learn from the PiSCES (Providing Individualised Services and Care in Epilepsy) Patient Portal in St James’s, the benefits and challenges of implementing a patient health portal, the importance of co-designing new digital systems with patients, and more. If you are interested in the topics of digital health and health data, be sure to tune into this series!

The IPPOSI 2021 Digital Discussion and podcast series was made possible through a combination of IPPOSI resources and a number of unrestricted grants from the following IPPOSI Industry members: Astellas Pharma Ireland, Pfizer Ireland, and Vertex Pharmaceuticals (Ireland). 

31 March 2023

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