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In June, our Citizens’ Jury on the Future Use of Genomics met for over 16 hours across four weeks – first coming together to hear from nine witnesses over four online evening sessions (7, 9, 14, 16 June), and then meeting in person in Dublin for one day of deliberations (25 June). The jurors were randomly selected from the 500+ expressions of interest we received as part of our public recruitment process.

We would like to sincerely thank all jurors for their commitment to the process! We would also like to thank all the people who gave their time to support the jurors – including Dave Dunn (independent facilitator), June Shannon (independent rapporteur), Lorna Kerin, Michael Foley, Laura Brady, Una McInerney, Mandy Daly, Liadain von der Decken, Steve Burke (independent small group facilitators), as well as our independent oversight panel.

What comes next?
With the support of several jurors, the jury verdict is being drafted by our independent rapporteur, June Shannon. The final report will soon be available on our website. Stay subscribed to our mailing list to receive future updates about this jury!

Why Genomics?
Thanks to important breakthroughs in science, as humans, we are able to learn more and more about our human genome (the complete set of DNA that makes up our individual bodies). We can use this genomic information to improve our health as individuals, and by collecting this information at the population level, improve the health of our society. But this information belongs to people, and those people should have a say in how genomic information should be used in Ireland for health care and health research.

The jury explored to what extent we should increase the use of genomics in our health care and health research, the challenges and opportunities that may arise as individuals and as a society, and the safeguards that need to be put in place to balance the benefits and the risks.

Where can I learn more about the jury?
To learn more about the jury, watch the available witness testimony, view the members of our oversight panel, and more, click here.

30 September 2022

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