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PLEASE NOTE:  The closing date for applications was 6 March 2023, and has now passed.

Are you a patient, patient representative, advocate, or carer? Are you interested in engaging with the research and development process for new medicines, medical devices, and health technologies?  Then you should consider applying for the 2023 IPPOSI Patient Education Programme today!

Delivered over 11 months from March 2023 to January 2024, this free programme is designed to enable and empower the patient community in Ireland by:

  • providing an understanding of the health innovation system and the places for the patient’s voice in it
  • teaching patients how to better collaborate with the scientific, medical, and healthcare communities
  • developing patients’ confidence and knowledge to speak more effectively on behalf of themselves and those they represent
  • facilitating a network of like-minded patients, carers, and advocates
This fourth iteration of the programme is being led by IPPOSI, in partnership with a number of education partners, and will cover the following topics:
  1. Understanding Clinical Trials – delivered via EUPATI’s Open Classroom platform
  2. Health Technology Assessment Principles and Practices – delivered by the National Centre for Pharmacoeconomics (NCPE)
  3. Regulatory Affairs for Medicines and Medical Devices in Europe – delivered by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA)

All the details you need to complete the application can be viewed here. The information includes a Guide for Applicants, a link to the online application form, and a detailed programme catalogue.

Interested in applying? We are hosting an informational webinar on Wednesday, 15 February at 12 p.m. Join two IPPOSI graduates to learn more about the programme and the application process. Register for the webinar here.


Applications will be accepted from:

  • Employees/volunteers of patient organisations in the Republic of Ireland and/or Northern Ireland
  • Patients with a chronic and/or lifelong illness/condition who is not affiliated with a patient organisation and who participates or intends to participate in projects/activities/ committees etc. to represent his/her personal experience as a patient and/or the perspective of an informal group of patients
  • Family member/carer (not affiliated with a patient organisation) of a patient with a chronic and/or lifelong illness/condition who participates or intends to participate in projects/activities/committees/etc. to represent patients.

Please look over all of the supporting documents on the IPPOSI website before making your application to make sure you’re eligible and have a thorough understanding of the commitments involved.

22 September 2023

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