Irish Platform for Patient Organisations, Science & Industry

IPPOSI is pleased to present our 2024 pre-budget submission calling for more investment in digital health solutions; public and patient partnership; and access to medicines and innovation.

In 2024, we hope to see real progress delivered around the digitalisation of our health system, in particular the delivery of the first steps towards a shared care record. It is important that our digital health solutions are procured alongside person-centred portals which provide patients and service users with real-time access to their complete health information. As we design our health future, we hope that a culture of partnering with patients and service users is embedded within our health system and that the national and regional structures needed to facilitate quality, inclusive, and sustained partnerships are established and adequately resourced. We also hope investment is made to ensure that patients in Ireland enjoy the same access to research and innovation as their European neighbours.

As a complement to our submission, you may be interested to read our conference report on Building a data sharing health sector in Ireland, our responses to the Department’s Patient Voices Partner policy and the Department/HSE Mazars implementation working group.

22 September 2023

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