OUR VISION: “The patient voice is at the centre of all health policy, care, research and innovation in Ireland”

OUR MISSION:  “We are the collective voice of patients, science and industry in Ireland”.  We inspire and promote patient involvement in the treatment and decision-making processes that affect healthcare in Ireland.  Patients and patients’ organisations have a right to be involved in healthcare policymaking and we advocate for their inclusion         in decision-making processes.  We work towards a future where all patients in Ireland will access the best available treatments, care practices and health technologies when they need it and where they need it.


IPPOSI operates as a public:private partnership.  Since 2007, IPPOSI has been co-funded by the Irish Department of Health, via the Health Research Board, which accounts for approximately 20% of IPPOSI funding.  The remainder of IPPOSI funding comes from a combination of leveraged EU/national level grants as well as industry member subscriptions and sponsorships.  IPPOSI aims to maintain a 50:50 ratio between public and private funding sources.