The IPPOSI Strategic Plan 2021-2024 sets out how we will advance our patient-led mission to be the collective voice of patients, science & industry in Ireland. The strategy represents IPPOSI’s commitment to realise meaningful and sustainable patient & public involvement in an ever-changing health environment in Ireland, an environment which is facing an unprecedented number of challenges.

This strategy is a result of a year-long engagement with members and stakeholders as well as input from a HRB-appointed International Review panel in 2018. IPPOSI acknowledges all efforts and commitments from our broad membership as part of our activity and looks forward to future partnership approaches under the strategy.

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Vision, Mission

OUR VISION is that the patient voice is at the centre of all health policy, care, research and innovation in Ireland.  

OUR MISSION is to be the collective voice of patients, science and industry in Ireland.

We do this by inspiring and promoting patient involvement in the treatment and decision-making processes that affect healthcare in Ireland.

Patients and patient organisations have a right to be involved in healthcare policymaking and we advocate for their inclusion in decision-making processes.

We work towards a future where all patients in Ireland will access the best available treatments, care practices and health technologies when they need it and where they need it.



By asking the difficult questions, we position ourselves as a critical and constructive partners. We demand quality and call for an evidence-based approach to managing our health challenges.


Our patient-led partnership is open to all health stakeholders – patients, science, industry, healthcare professionals, state agencies. Each partner has a unique contribution and we support the development of consensus within the diversity. We create the space for individual patients, their families and carers, patient advocates and patient organisations to mobilise under a single platform to address health innovation challenges.


The greatest changes in healthcare can be made by bringing together patients, scientists, industry, and other key stakeholders to advance a shared vision of our health future.

Strategic Objectives


Develop and Diversify IPPOSI Education and Training

Develop and Diversify IPPOSI Education and Training

Contribute to embedding of patient education & educators in the health system.

Transform the IPPOSI online engagement & content.

Develop a ‘patient capacity building’ programme of skills-based content.


Shape a new ‘Involvement Agenda’

Shape a new ‘Involvement Agenda’ 4 Patients/Public

Connect patients and patient groups with opportunities to get ‘involved’

Inform politicians and policy makers about patient & public views.

Promote the digital transformation of heathcare in Ireland for all patients.


Grow and Sustain our Public-Private Partnership

Grow and Sustain our Public-Private Partnership

Engage and harness the collective power of our broad membership.

Partner with a wide array of health innovation stakeholders on common goals.

Increase awareness of the value and impact of the IPPOSI model.

Priority Areas

Access to Health Innovation

‘Health Innovation’ is defined as new and existing Medicines, Interventions (both medical and non-medical), Medical Devices, E-Health Technologies, Information architecture/infrastructure (i.e. how information will be designed and used)

Patient & Public Involvement

Patients & the public need to be involved in the preparation of new policy documents, new research proposals, new innovative tools and treatments. Involvement (particularly early involvement) can ensure that all perspectives inform the direction of travel and that key decisions and initiatives are informed by people’s ‘lived experience’. It is likely that this involvement can build confidence in both the process and the decision.

Understand - ing Patient Data

‘Patient data’ is information that is recorded when you attend a health or social care professional such as a GP or social worker. The record can include details about your medical conditions, lists of medication you may be taking and also includes personal details such as date of birth.

Source = HIQA National Public Engagement Survey on Health Information 2020 (Link)

Board Interview

An interview with IPPOSI Board members was conducted as part of the strategy launch on March 8th, 2021

Board members interviewed included: David McMahon, Irish Skin Foundation (IPPOSI Board Chairperson), Prof. Gaye Stephens, Trinity College Dublin, Susanne O’Reilly, Novartis.

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Member Survey

A survey of IPPOSI membership was conducted in October 2020

Results of the survey can be downloaded by clicking here (.pdf – 6Mb)







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