IPPOSI’s strategic priorities are:
  1. Build IPPOSI brand and profile as a consensus-building group that influences access to Health Innovation*
  2. Actively advocate# through our patient-led perspective for improved and equitable patient access to Health Innovation
  3. Promote meaningful patient involvement in Health Research and Policy
Over the period of 2016-2020, our work will focus on achieving the following goals:

Goal 1: Position IPPOSI as the collective voice of Patients, Science and Industry in enabling involvement in, and improving access to Health Innovation

Goal 2: Raise understanding of patient issues related to access to health innovation, with IPPOSI seen as a key player in developing solutions

Goal 3: Create a cohort of patients and patient advocates who are trained, and playing an increased role in health research and policy

Goal 4: Be leaders in influencing health reform, regulation, legislation related to the IPPOSI strategy

IPPOSI Targets and Impacts from IPPOSI on Vimeo.

* Note 1: For the purposes of the IPPOSI strategy ‘Health Innovation’ is defined as new and existing Medicines, Interventions (both medical and non-medical), Medical Devices, E-Health Processes & Technologies, Information architecture/infrastructure (i.e. how information will be designed and used)

# Note 2: For the purposes of the IPPOSI strategy, advocacy is defined as the strategic use of IPPOSI representatives to increase awareness and understanding of issues related to patient access to, and involvement in health innovation across government, agency and regulatory spheres. IPPOSI advocacy activities will work in concert with other efforts carried out by patient organisations in the area of access to health innovations. Through a combination of high-level approaches, IPPOSI advocacy efforts will aim to help policy makers, individual agencies and regulators understand how an educated, empowered patient community can support each agency’s mission and business needs.

Priositisation Exercises

IPPOSI members were canvassed for their ideas on relevant health topics for IPPOSI to focus on over the two periods of 2017-2018 and 2019-2020.

In summary, three priorities for the period were identified:

  1. Patient access to health innovation: HTA, real-world outcomes, value-based health care, HTA design and development, pricing, reimbursement and access
  2. Data/E-health: Patient registries, electronic health records, information architecture/infrastructure, data standards and standardisation, data quality, bioethics, data protection, privacy
  3. Patient involvement: Person-centred practices and engagement, patient advocacy and empowerment, guidelines, tools, culture change, metrics, coordination of healthcare, chronic disease management

These priorities continue to inform our work. To this end, the IPPOSI Board dedicated 2018 to the theme of Access to Medicines  and 2019 to ‘Patient Data’.

A prioritization survey which focused mainly on Access to Medicines was conducted in 2018.