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A Patient Summary is a summary of the main parts of an Electronic Health Record that will be most useful to a healthcare professional treating a patient at a different location to usual (e.g. on holiday, visiting friends, or in an emergency). It may contain, for example, a list of the patient’s main health conditions, allergies, medications, previous operations, blood group and a few other health items. The patient summary is not the same as an electronic health record or a share care record.  It is often a sub-set of a patient’s record, most often extracted from the patient’s GP system, which is usually the most complete record on a patient but may, in the future, be extracted from the National Electronic Health Record. An EU project has commenced to share electronic patient summaries between EU countries. As part of this OPEN NCP project, Ireland is committed to making patient summaries available, with a patient’s consent, to healthcare professionals across participating member states by March 202010.

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