The IPPOSI Patient Dragon’s Den initiative is an opportunity for students of the MSc. In Digital Health Transformation programme to ‘pitch’ their group project concept to a group of patients and carers who are experienced with healthcare and research.

The goal of the Patient Dragon’s Den is to provide practical on-the-spot help and advice for students seeking to receive patients’ and carers’ inputs on their project proposal. Similar to the popular television show, “Dragon’s Den”, the students go head-to-head to present their projects to the ‘Patient Dragons’ via a recorded Powerpoint presentation. The Dragons and students will together focus on the potential (direct and/or indirect) benefits that the proposed project can potentially bring to patients in Ireland. The Dragons can provide advice on the scope, risks, design, and impact of the students’ proposals as well as adding quality to the implementation of the innovation itself in the future.

2020 Project Winners


What is the assessment criteria?

The ‘Dragons’ will score each project idea out of 10 according to the criteria co-developed and agreed in advance with the course coordinator, and the panel may grant a small award or acknowledgement for the top three project ideas. Students & projects will be assessed on the following aspects:

  1. Ability to communicate the project concept/idea to a ‘lay person’ audience in an understandable fashion
  2. Ability to demonstrate the potential impact of the project on health service delivery and/or health outcomes
  3. Demonstration of the use of the following concepts in the design of their project:
    • Patient/user-centred principles
    • Models of stakeholder/patient/public engagement
  4. Ability to instil confidence with respect to the project team and their ability to implement the project

Who are the 'patient dragons'?

The ‘Patient Dragons’ are selected by IPPOSI, typically from the members of the Irish EUPATI National Platform or from our patient organisation membership. For the 2021 Dragon’s Den sessions, the ‘Patient Dragons’ are:

What is the Msc. in Digital Health Transformation?

Led by the University of Limerick in partnership with other universities and sponsored by the HRB, the MSc. in Digital Health Transformation aims to prepare students to implement large-scale change-involving digital health technologies. IPPOSI has an ongoing role in this programme and acts as a channel for patient members to become part of the curriculum, faculty, course, and project board. IPPOSI’s involvement also includes the organising of the Patient Dragon’s Den initiative.