Dissemination of Phase One outputs

Now that we have our ‘Patient Narrative’, the next objective is to disseminate and promote the uptake of the narrative among health service providers.

The Health Service Executive (HSE), through the Integrated Care Programmes, and in partnership with service users, is committed to using the statements to inform the design and delivery of services that are both person centred and co-ordinated.

Phase 2 of the project, led by the HSE and entitled ‘ Your Voice Matters’ is detailed below.

To assist in dissemination, the patient narratives are available in a number of forms below. These include:

  • A powerpoint presentation of the 19 statements and single definition: Download Here
  • A report of the Phase One stage, written by the UCD Team. Download Here (This report should be cited as: Phelan A., Rohde D., Casey M., Fealy G., Felle P., Lloyd H. & O’Kelly G. (2017) Patient Narrative Project for Person-Centred Co-ordinated Care. UCD, IPPOSI & HSE, Dublin
  • An IPPOSI flyer of the Phase 1 outputs (coming soon)
  • A HSE flyer of Phase 2 of the project (coming soon)

Results to date

May 2017

The Phase 1 outputs were launched at the 2017 International Conference on Integrated Care (ICIC17).  Click here to view all the outputs from the conference.

Phase Two

‘Your Voice Matters; stories to build a better health service’ is phase two of the patient narrative project which will use the 19 generic statements to develop a standard process of engagement with service users that will allow a higher volume of their narratives and experiences to be heard and used to benchmark, guide and develop health services.

‘Your Voice Matters; stories to build a better health service’ will allow patients to tell the HSE how they are doing in the journey towards person-centred coordinated care – a framework that asks, “Are we there yet?”

The framework allows a high volume of patient experience to be collected and analysed on an ongoing basis.  Use of SenseMaker® software enables ‘Your Voice Matters; stories to build a better health service’ to provide both qualitative data in the form of information rich stories in the words of patients and quantitative data in the form of the numbers of individuals who have experienced aspects of good care (as defined in phase 1 of the project) i.e., statistical data backed up by explanatory narrative.

Preliminary data from the ‘proof of concept’ period for ‘Your Voice Matters; stories to build a better health service’, which runs during September and October 2017, will be made available.

More information available here:  http://hse.ie/yourvoicematters