IPPOSI is a consortium member of the EU Horizon 2020-funded project CHAMELEONS – CHampioning A Multi-sectoral Education and Learning Experience to Open New pathways for doctoral Students.

CHAMELEONS is a 2 year education programme that focuses on introducing a new European model for PhD training tailored to students’ and societies’ needs.

To do this, CHAMELEONS will:

  • Develop a range of interdisciplinary, inter-sectoral and international modules, designed to broaden the skills of PhD graduates, and improve their employability.
  • Develop new and innovative educational interventions to improve the learning experience offered by higher education to shape more adaptable, entrepreneurial, and employablegraduates.

CHAMELEONS brings together an international network, including University College Dublin and NUI Maynooth.

Find out more here or at https://www.chameleonsproject.eu

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 873105

CHAMELEONS has launched a call for expressions of interest from PhD, postdoctoral or research assistants in NUI Maynooth and/or University College Dublin.  click below to apply before the end of February 2021.