How do you feel about your health information being viewed, shared and used by others?  

Health information can be valuable for making decisions about individual care, but also for managing the future of health services more broadly. Health leaders, researchers and companies are all keen to have access to this information. But this is information about people, and those people should have a say in how it is viewed, shared and used. This jury aims to let you have your say! 

IPPOSI will recruit a cross-section of 25 adults from different communities to meet online in April 2021 to hear from and ask questions of experts, and to deliberate. The jury findings and recommendations will be presented to Irish policy makers as they work to advance Irish health information legislation as well as the development of a national Electronic Health Record. 

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What is a Citizens' Jury?

A Citizens’ Jury is a method of public deliberation that invites a cross-section of the public to learn about a topic over several days, to analyse pros and cons of proposals and to generate their recommendations. Citizens’ juries have the potential to be commonplace in Ireland and part of the fabric of public consultations on difficult health topics/issues, where patients/citizens are not just filling in a form but are actively involved. 

How do I apply to be a juror?

The jury recruitment phase begins on January 7th 2021 and will remain open for applications until the deadline of midnight on January 31st, 2021. Applicants must be 18 years of age and a resident of Ireland.  

If you are interested in applying for the jury, click here or on the online application link on this page 

What happens after I apply?

All applicants will receive notification by email to confirm if they have been successful or not by 22nd February 2021. Successful applicants will receive guidelines for their participation in the jury. 

Who is involved?

A high-level oversight panel is guiding the development and implementation of this pilot Jury.  Members of the oversight panel are available by clicking here.

What is Health Information?

Health information is information that is recorded when you attend a health or social care professional such as a GP or social worker. The record can include details about your medical conditions, lists of medication you may be taking and also includes personal details such as date of birth.

Source = HIQA National Public Engagement Survey on Health Information 2020 (Link)

Why now?

The need for timely, accurate, and reliable data about the health of the general public has never been greater. This 2021 Citizen Jury ensures that the views of the public will be heard, understood and used to guide the policy decisions that are needed to facilitate the robust collection, exchange, and analysis of health information in Ireland. It also aligns with IPPOSI’s ongoing involvement in the EU-level initiative – DataSavesLives.

The 2020/2021 IPPOSI Citizens’ Jury is supported by resources from IPPOSI as well as unrestricted funding from the following sponsors/donors:

Abbvie, Alexion, Biomarin, GSK, Pfizer, PPI Ignite – Trinity College Dublin