As part of the 2016 and 2017 Summer School on Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) organised by Health Research Institute, a number of workshops have been facilitated by Irish EUPATI fellows and IPPOSI representatives.

The workshops were designed to enable summer school participants to explore patient involvement in five areas relevant to the process of medicines research and development. The workshops also provided opportunities for Irish EUPATI Fellows to gain experience of communicating their knowledge while facilitating conversations around these health topics.

Collective input resulted in the following workshop outputs:

1. A visual representation of the conclusions made is available in the prezi below:

2. Narratives emerging from discussions on the three topics:

  1.         Ethics Review Process within Medicines R&D – June 2017
  2.         Reporting of medicines side effects – June 2017
  3. Informed consent – June 2016
  4. Patient reported outcomes – June 2016
  5. Health Technology Assessment – June 2016

The prezi presentation above is also available as a PDF download here.